Apr-19-2019 CryptoGlax Media

Cryptocurrency has drawn renewed interest!

The analytical research on cryptocurrency movements, which had been recently conducted has shown that just two weeks before Bitcoin leap the amount of active pursues had been doubled in comparison with the period before this significant increase.

In addition, the most famous search engine Google has announced that the amount of search queries about Bitcoin has tripled in the largest countries such as the USA, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Austria, the Switzerland and South Africa. Yes, these indicators confirm that cryptocurrency has drawn renewed interest. The investors have started buying Bitcoin again!

These changes let us hope with more confidence that the hard time was left behind and the bright  profitable future in Crypto world is coming. Stay with us!

Best regards, the CryptoGlax team

Apr-9-2019 CryptoGlax Media

About referral commission

We welcome you, the CryptoGlax community!

In spite of the fact that our site had been launched recently it has drawn great attention from our investors. We are pleased by your participation and are eager to provide all our investors with stable profit day by day irrespective to the amount of their deposits. 

Regularly we receive a lot of inquiries from our participants on different cases. And the most important question bothering them is whether we pay the referral commission for reinvesting the deposit from the account balance. Yes, we do. We assume that our clients should not bear additional expenses on the performing transactions via different payment systems.

So please stay tuned! We are not rushing, just looking forward to the forthcoming prosperous future!

Best regards, the CryptoGlax team

Apr-3-2019 CryptoGlax Media

The crypto community is rejoicing!

Everyone who actively monitors the cryptocurrency market has seen how dramatically the bitcoin had grown as well as other cryptocurrencies! But for many investors it's a mystery, has crypto spring come or is it a speculation?

The one who believes in cryptocurrency and has confidence in prosperous bitcoin future, will try to increase the capital in cryptocurrency, bearing in mind its good prospects, from our point of view. Perhaps we will not see the price of $ 20,000 for bitcoin this year, but the growth to $ 10,000 is quite possible! Stay with us!

Best regards, the CryptoGlax team.

Mar-29-2019 CryptoGlax Media

The start of online presence

Dear CryptoGlax company website visitors!
Today the innovative trading company CryptoGlax has began its online investing and consulting service based on online platform cryptoglax.com

We are as the persons who are entirely devoted to the business of risk-free investments and passive online profit, congratulate all our partners and clients with this significant event and let us ensure that this beginning will certainly be as totally successful as offline business of our company.

Use the opportunities for online making steady interest income and taking referral fee and prospect together with our company, safely investing even today!

Best regards, the CryptoGlax team