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Frequently Asked Questions

The key point of our mission is providing democratic and available opportunities for passive online earning for everybody who wants to work and cooperate with us.

Our mission is based on the fact of making investments of one’s own free will for further financial management by specialists of our company. Actively using hedging and scalping, also applying high frequency trading (HFT), our analysts perform risk-free financial management in careful and professional way, stably and safely increasing funds and earning high profit for clients.

Our business has considerable concentration of high technologies as an advantage, and the quintessence of all economic vectors is сoncluded in what particular way, precisely, basing on what scientific achievements and technologies, the company prepares packages of investment offers to third parties, places them on the best in the world brokerage markets and by managing financial flows on cryptocurrency and stock markets provides risk-free supply of income for all participants of the process.

The head office of CryptoGlax is situated in the Great Britain reasoning from the fact that exactly in this country the simplified way of investment business has been traditionally established. Furthermore we are attracted by the tax policy towards firms which fulfill exchange speculative operations. Besides, business in the Great Britain is protected as far as possible in terms of control, which is also the key point for our company.

Any kind of investing is more or less subject to risk. However, instead of evaluating how risky online investing is, it is more important to focus on steps which have been taken by the company for eliminating influence of such risks on investors’ funds. CryptoGlax has taken all possible steps in order to make the process of mutual cooperation with our clients risk-free to the fullest extent. With regard to the foregoing we would like to pay your attention once more to the fact that during the process of financial management of investments we implement the latest high technologies with the help of which we are able to reduce any kind of risk in online investing to zero.

CryptoGlax has been providing its services with confidence and high quality through offline meetings and contracts for 4 years. At this moment, by means of website , CryproGlax will be able to expand substantially its client base, which will in turn lead to significant improvement of our positions on world investment markets and furthermore it will strengthen our business in whole. Which is why we intend to expand this segment of our services as soon as possible.

Only one necessary and sufficient step should be done for gaining opportunity to invest with us. You need to create a personal account by registration form.

For starting investing you need minimum amount - 30 USD.

You may invest up to 10000 USD.

No. In investment process it is permitted to use each investment offer one time. And only after its expiration date you will be able to invest again using this investment offer.


All investment offers of the company apply on calendar days, including weekends and public holidays.

You may make investments via Payeer и Perfect Money.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD.

Your withdrawal request can be processing by our specialists up to 36 hours.

You may withdraw any amount which is available on the balance of your personal account.

No, our company does not implement any commissions towards our clients.

The creation of multi-account is strongly restricted.

For non-compliance of this rule all client's accounts will be blocked without opportunity for further withdrawal of funds from these accounts.

Yes, but only in such case if the created account has not been used for making investments yet.

No, this opportunity is not possible in our investment program.

We provide each registered client with the opportunity of earning additional income from inviting new investors into the company. Besides, this referral program is developing dynamically and its opportunities will grow in due course. At this moment each registered partner may get 1% of face value of his 1st level referrals’ investments even if this partner has not made his own investments.

In case you have made an investment, this investment offer will be in act until its expiration date.

In order to reset your password you need to use Password Recovery form on the sign in page.

This option is not available. If you need to change any information on your payment details you should create an inquiry and send it to Support service via email provided at registration of this personal account.

This option is not available except some cases of losing access to the account. In each particular case the decision should be taken by the company security upon the request of the interested party.

You can find Support service in Feedback form or in subsection “Alternative reviews”.

Our services work for your convenience.

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We have a record of answering everything in 24 hours of less.

Our working hours are from 10.00 to 17.00 GMT+0